Keukenhof-The Tulip paradise

The tulips in Netherlands showcase themselves for a brief period during the glorious spring. If you are around here it is a sin if you do not visit the Keukenhof during the two months. The fields are open from  24 March 2016 – 16 May 2016 from 08.00 – 19.30. So for two months this place will be buzzing with tourists!


Me and my friend left to keukenhof on a bright Saturday morning on 9th April (Not a good time I would suggest as the tulip fields were pretty much empty.There were many flowers in the glasshouse though).  The best time is after mid April.

The park has brightly coloured flowers. Here you can get a sneak peak into the colours!

kkSnippets on Cost of travel

  • Keukenhof can be reached by ‘Arriva bus’ which charges 10 Euros  for a Round trip  from the Schiphol airport.
  • To airport you can take line 197 or 69 which will take another 3-4 euros with Ov chipkart
  • The entry ticket is 16 euros for a day.
  • We took bus 69 to airport and then a combo ticket which includes bus + entry of 24 euros which was 2 euros lesser than buying them separately
  • The food inside Keukenhof is typically 10 euros per meal


There is a free locker to lock your stuff at Keukenhof . You can find tons of souvenir shops there from which you can take pretty gifts back from Netherlands.The park itself was brilliant.

If you dont like reading much, you can view this slideshow of flowers captured at Keukenhof by us! At the entrance of the park there were mostly hyacinths. Tulips were in the glasshouse.

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Here is the map of keukenhof with route we followed. There are five main places to visit. On the whole the walk inside takes about 5 hours.





There is a lake around the corner which houses swans and ducks. You can find stretch of pink tulip flowers around. There is a place to eat,shop and relax called Wilhelmina around the lake. There is also  ‘Stepping stones’ on the lake for kids (and adults) to jump around 😛


Beatrix- Orchid show


It is a place where flowers and fashion meet!  Mannequins dressed in flowers, floral shoes and hanging flowers from the ceiling. It was an unbelievable place.

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The Molen- The windmill


You can climb on top of the windmill here and stand close to the blades. From there you can see the tulip fields. When we were there we could see only a strip of red tulip fields.

The stretch of red tulip flowers

Whisper boat– Just below the mill there is a boat ride that takes you along a canal sandwiched between tulip fields. We heard about it only after we reached that point. You need to book tickets beforehand it seems!


Willian Alexander pavilion

That’s me posing 😛

It’s a huge glasshouse with ‘Tulips’ . wonderful colours which are hard for your eyes to believe  they are real. It has many places to click gorgeous pictures.


Oranje Nassau


It was a retro style flower show. It was a museum sort of decorated with flowers. You will find a pirate setting with flowers inside the chest instead of gold and a floral bridge.

What I really liked was the Beatrix and the William Alexander pavilion.

The best way to see the tulips is by cycling around the fields. The fields look like this when ripe with tulips.

Be sure to visit the park if you are around in these two months of April and May.




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Flash Mob in Amsterdam

It was a cloudy day with chances of rain and we were praying to the clouds not to pour; because it was our big day- The day of the’ First International flash mob 2016’
The same choreographed songs were to be performed in 10 countries- 17 cities on 19th March. 2016, 11- 12:00 Local time in each country participating! Amsterdam was one of the participating cities and out motto was “One Love” in support of refugees.

It was an amazing concept and it was to be a surprise flash mob with no publicity. The Amsterdam group led by Sneha, were practising it for over 2 months in our ‘Bollywood Amsterdam meetup’. We were fully prepared for the moves of the choreo which will forever be struck to our heads. We met for a practice session at Vondelpark at 10:30 AM. We got a spot under the bridge and switched on our speakers. We had practised indoors but never out in the open when the temperature was 7 degrees. We wore colourful bright clothes to make the atmosphere radiant. We took off our jackets and did a real practice (We were shivering!) .We had audience cheering us for our trail flash mob which was encouraging.
The clock struck 11 and it was time to go to Museumplein. It was the famous spot ‘I Amsterdam sign’ in front of the Rijksmusem, the biggest museum in Amsterdam.

It was buzzing with tourists. We were the intruders who would break in to dance in front of the museum :D. We set up the speakers and switched it on. Martine, our show opening performer, started her ‘Head spinning stunt’ which caught the eye of the audience. We casually started cheering around her and then started dancing. First the girls danced for 2 minutes and then the guys joined us.2a

Soon people were cheerful and started filming us. We danced happily as it was great moment for the people around and for us. It was amazing how people joined us and started following. We had new people on the spot dancing with us 😀


The sad part for us was there was not a representative videographer filming us from our side. We set up two cameras on the tripod which were blocked by tourists. We did click some after photos which came out cool.It was a thrilling experience performing a dance out the blue and startling people.




We rejoiced our victory of completing it successfully and then left to Saravana Bhavan. It was delight having south Indian food after a heavy day. Our Dutch collogues enjoyed the food but found it a bit spicy I think :P.

If you happened to be among the audience on march 19th or heard about it in some way,please share your thoughts with us!