Ethiopian Restaurant ‘Eetcafe Ibis’

We had a great time at the Ethiopian Restaurant ‘Eetcafe Ibis’. For starters the café was themed in a  typical Ethiopian way where beer was served in Coconut shells. They had a variety of Beers-coconut, mango, palmnut, banana flavored.

We had samosas for starters which was similar to indian Samosas!

12970336_10154044968144350_1995389273_oMostly flavored I have not tasted in any cuisine. The non vegetarian itemswere similar to the Khasi tribal food of North east India which is boiled with fat.

Deserts were delightful. We were served coconut icecreams in Cocunut shells , lemon icecreams in a lemon and Pineapple icecream in a pineapple.


The main course costs about 15 euors per person and deserts about 5 euros. The waitress was friendly J

We had a nice time in at Eetcafe Ibis