Light Festival Amsterdam- A Photowalk in Rain

Amsterdam has a unique way of keeping the spirit high in the winters.When the sun sets down very quick these days there is something to look forward to-The light festival-The festival of light and water illuminating the canals ( Nov 28 2015 to Jan 17 2016 ! )

The streets of Amsterdam are already decorated with lights for Christmas and adding to the city’s beauty is the Light Festival.This is how streets look like in Amsterdam now!


Artists come up with innovative ways of using lights to create an exciting art in the canals.This can be viewed using a boat tour or walking along the streets.

Here is the route:


There is  “Amsterdam photography club ” which is formed by a group of photography enthusiasts.They organise meetups regularly and owing to the light festival they organised  a photowalk. Around  100 people had signed up for the meetup but unfortunately that day it started raining heavily and about 80 people backed out. Twenty  people  finally turned up in the rain at the meeting point with umbrellas, DSLRs, Tripods and polybags to cover the camera. It was very messy clicking photos in the rain but as they say misery loves company, We were glad we were all in vein and wanted to really capture the light festival with people who shared similar interests.

This is where we met -See Below . Facing a canal with the first artwork “Run Beyond


The next was the  “Talking Heads “

The glare is because of the rains and the lens condensation 😛IMG_2768

The next was the Bucky Balls!  A lone football like huge structure floating in water



This is called the “Band of Friendship”. Series of rings IMG_2827

This was the “Polygonum” .IMG_2808

This is the  “Infinite tunnel of light” , very blurred due to the rain on the glasses


One of the buildings was lit up with a projector and had some interesting patterns on it


The “Friendala”  – Intersecting ringsIMG_2841

This is called the “Northern lights” over the Amstel river . Bands of lights that sways for the wind and makes it feel like a real Aurora AustralisIMG_2855

This was called “Paths Crossing”. Artwork made from stretches of lights across the length of the canals.


I did miss out on a few artworks. 😦 Hoping to cover them up in january after vacations.

Rain is a part of the dutch culture they say.This is my first attempt to ignore rain and go outside to explore. It was quite messy but managed quite fine ! 😀


When we went Ice Skating !

My over enthusiastic friends coaxed me to go ice skating on a chilly cold night in Amsterdam. Ice skating – I was somehow not intrigued by it since I knew it would be cold anyways and why would I want the ice under me.

When we left from home it was raining which was not a good sign! We still went to the place. It was a open Ice skating ring outdoor next to the rijsmuseum. There was a pool of water in the ring but it was surrounded by trees covered with Christmas lights. The ring was lit with bright coloured light. I immediately jumped into buying a ticket and renting a skating shoe along with Ambuj, my all time energetic friend.


The beginners start with holding a chair. So we stepped into the ring with a chair. Boy, it was slippery.  I saw people beside me sway they way past me with grace. I envied them and looked at them with awe. Not only adults but also kids were skating really well. It was raining but seeing the kids skate i got a new energy in me. My hands were hurting because of holding the chair tight.


I saw Ambuj skate without the chair. I must do something to leave the chair but what.


When I was busy thinking this i fell into the pool of water on ice- which was at 0 deg. It was horrible. But i still continued with taking short breaks. Ambuj told me to leave the chair and skate – duh , no way. I am not leaving the chair. He urged me to leave it and we both held hands and skated for a while. It was easy because the center of mass had a larger area to distribute upon so chances of falling are less.  I had a nice time without the chair. We both fell down once.


I stared skating independently without a chair or human support. :DI fell down again but i was no longer afraid of falling down. Ambuj skated too fast and skid in the ice real bad.Vishnu joined us after our friend left. Vishnu was rather skating like on a skater board pushing it with one leg and falling down when it stops. In the end we decided it was time to leave. Our clothes were dripping wet. We caught a tram to marnixstraat. We were shivering when we entered the hotel ‘murugan’. Had a sumptuous meal. The toughest part was to reach home. It was chilly 7 deg outside and windy too. We were all trembling and decided we will never go iceskating when it is raining. But the whole sport was so much fun we decided to make it there more often and aim for playing ice hockey one day 😛